Mesh Antennas

If you wish to DIY Antenna for 2.4 GHZ we will try to get you started , but Google / Bing / Yahoo is your friend
try search terms like DIY 2.4 ghz antenna , tossing in OMNI , YAGI ,PANEL… One of the pains you will run ito is the connector the WRT54 s use a reverse polarity TNC and most others us reverse polarity SMAs

reverse polarity tnc reverse polarity sma

Steve KE7GXC and George N0ZED can point you in the direction to order some ( we might lay some in )
the simple way to test with stock antennas is to add a reflector

Windsurfer Reflector   by

Ez-10 10 dBi Corner Reflector  also by

This page has a few DIY Ideas