Upcoming Winlink classes

To ALL members of  CARES Winlink classes on Saturday, 4th of November. Prerequisites: — Functioning later model Win XP, Win 7 or Win 10 laptop, AC adapter, WiFi (wireless) and wired Ethernet connections. Professional version Win OS preferred. — Able to install Winlink software on it and setup a Winlink account via our provided local

Boynton repeater inspection & upgrades UPDATE

 On Tuesday, 15-Aug 2017 We got a work party to the repeater site On site was, Steve    KE7GXC Mitch    KI7JQK Danny  KG7TOX  George N0ZED  Accomplished:     — Battery change out     — Poly-phaser installed — some lightning protection.     — antenna check — FAILED  (oops, my MFJ antenna analyzer is

OCARES (CARES) 3rd quarter field test: MESH & Winlink Express – 9am, Saturday, 08-July-2017

The Oregon City ARES team 3rd quarter field test is scheduled for 9am, Saturday, 08-July-2017. All OCARES & CARES members are invited to participate. Location: Beavercreek Community Park on Leland ( Google maps coordinates: 45.288922, -122.551725 ) The technology target is Winlink Express using VHF radio & HAM MESH. Please confirm your participation by email

Great articles in June 2017 QST magazine

There are three great articles in June 2017 QST magazine (yea, I’m a bit behind on my reading): — Pg 9 editorial fighting the last war — Pg 13 FEMA representative Laura Goudreau KG7BQR. BTW, she spoke at the ARES meeting at SeaPac. — Pg 36 AREDN network Steve KE7GXC

Recommended upgrade of Winlink

Recommended upgrade of Winlink Version 1.5.3  DOES seem to correct those nasty problems we all noted when there was not internet connected From Winlink Programs Group › Winlink Express version released post by W4PHS     May 4, 2017 Winlink Express version has been released.  You can get the update using the normal auto update procedure.

HAARP visit — Gakona, AK — Saturday, 27-August-2016

I visited HAARP in Gakona, AK on Saturday, 27-August-2016. University of Alaska Fairbanks sponsored an open house for the facility (formerly operated by the USAF). Very interesting technical presentations and equipment survey: 180 antennas and corresponding 10 kilowatt transmitters. My visit pictures & hand-out documents are here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B09MR3L3FFP6d19zTEZHazNTWmM Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gakona,_Alaska https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_Frequency_Active_Auroral_Research_Program Steve Jensen KE7GXC