WinLink Training Class

To Members of CARES:There is an upcoming Winlink BASIC  class to take note of and mark your calendar: Description: Winlink Basic, HAM MESH infrastructure, Post Office, telnet, WiFi interfacing   Date: 12 May  2018  Time: 0900 to 1500  Location: LDS church on DonovanThe LDS Church 14340 Donovan Rd Oregon City, OR 97045 Prerequisites:  You should already have Winlink

CARES recommended listening

Fantastic discussion regarding Elecraft, power systems and high power transmitting considerations. Ham Radio 360 podcast : Workbench 38 , HF Amplifiers with KG6IRF link to the podcast here Ham Radio: Workbench 38 HF Amplifiers with KG6IRF by K4CDN/Cale This week David Shoaf KG6IRF from Elecraft joins George and Jeremy to turn it up to 11!  David

More from Ham Radio 360:

I’ve been watching the LiFEPO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery technology for quite a while.   They have now been proven in HAM radio applications as well as household & professional power tools.  I recommend investing in these going forward — especially where the weight of the battery system is of concern as the LiFEPO4 batteries are

Ham Radio 360: FRP #6

Ham Radio 360: FRP #6 – Bicycle Race Communications With N7RXE       Kevin Reeve, N7RXE, is instrumental in Amateur Radio Operational Support of the LOTOJA Classic Bike Race. In this episode of the Field Radio Podcast Kevin gives us a look into the organization and coordination of event communications. This event spans over 200

Boynton repeater inspection & upgrades UPDATE

 On Tuesday, 15-Aug 2017 We got a work party to the repeater site On site was, Steve    KE7GXC Mitch    KI7JQK Danny  KG7TOX  George N0ZED  Accomplished:     — Battery change out     — Poly-phaser installed — some lightning protection.     — antenna check — FAILED  (oops, my MFJ antenna analyzer is

OCARES (CARES) 3rd quarter field test: MESH & Winlink Express – 9am, Saturday, 08-July-2017

The Oregon City ARES team 3rd quarter field test is scheduled for 9am, Saturday, 08-July-2017. All OCARES & CARES members are invited to participate. Location: Beavercreek Community Park on Leland ( Google maps coordinates: 45.288922, -122.551725 ) The technology target is Winlink Express using VHF radio & HAM MESH. Please confirm your participation by email

Great articles in June 2017 QST magazine

There are three great articles in June 2017 QST magazine (yea, I’m a bit behind on my reading): — Pg 9 editorial fighting the last war — Pg 13 FEMA representative Laura Goudreau KG7BQR. BTW, she spoke at the ARES meeting at SeaPac. — Pg 36 AREDN network Steve KE7GXC