Boynton repeater inspection & upgrades UPDATE

 On Tuesday, 15-Aug 2017 We got a work party to the repeater site
On site was,
Steve    KE7GXC
Mitch    KI7JQK
Danny  KG7TOX 
George N0ZED
    — Battery change out
    — Poly-phaser installed — some lightning protection.
    — antenna check — FAILED  (oops, my MFJ antenna analyzer is not working correctly)……..
     — system inspection
    — DR-1X firmware check (no upgrade needed)


– 04 June 2017 – 
Our next Inspection visit is in the planning. This next visit we need install a Polyphaser lightning arrestor and increase the grounding along with updating  the firmware. Date and Time TBD.  

– Wednesday, 15-June-2016
The Boynton Yaesu Fusion DR-1X repeater (442.075 MHz, PL: 103.5 Hz) has been upgraded. Thank you to Jean (KB7AJY) and KJ (KJ7LIM) for their assistance today with the efforts !

What was done:

1) Software upgrade: The software was version: 1.00f, we upgraded first to version: 1.00m and finally upgraded to version: 1.00n

2) Battery: The single Alpha XL180 battery is still in place. Under load it tested at 12.8 VDC.

3) Facility inspection and tidy up. BTW: Did not note any lightning arrester in the system.

4) SWR of the antenna reads: 1.2:1 @ 52 ohms @ 146 MHz and 1.2:1 at 442 MHz (using my MFJ analyzer).

5) Fusion: Fusion is now enabled, CTCSS Squelch Tone on TX is enabled and emitting a 103.5 Hz tone. (This supports differentiation between “Fusion digital” and “FM” transmissions. Someone monitoring with a standard FM (non-Fusion) radio will perceive the Fusion transmissions as digital noise. Please enable “Twith updatingur radio (Tone Decode Receive). On a Yaesu FT-8800 this is menu item “Tone M” (#41), Select ENC.DEC”.

6) Squelch Tail is now set to 1500 milliseconds.

Note: The squelch tail audio garbage problem — seems to be resolved with new software versions.

Steve Jensen KE7GXC