Boynton Repeater re-installed at Boynton water tower standpipe site

The Boynton Repeater was re-installed at Boynton water tower standpipe site on Tuesday (26-MAy-2020).

Work installing the new Yaesu DR-2X repeater in the repeater rack was performed on Saturday (23-May-2020) at Mitch’s shop. The repeater unit was installed in the rack, setup and tested & operated until Tuesday morning. Tuesday morning (26-May-2020) the voice memory module was installed in the DR-2X repeater unit and tested. In the afternoon the repeater unit was transported and installed at the Boynton water tower standpipe site. Access had been prearranged with Scott (O.C. Public Works). Scott met us a the site, monitored our work and offered advice and commercial coax sealant (standard workers descriptive name: “bear POO” to seal the new repeater control channel antenna coax feed. Additionally, Scott offered advice regarding the water situation (heavy rains roll of the top of Boynton in massive sheets of water) and he advised regarding the placement of the antenna feed line coax for the control channel to minimize water intrusion. We had a number of CARES participants — this increased the safe margins regarding careful work activities and cross-staff learning/experience.
Boynton install & setup notes from Tuesday, 26-May-2020:

Antenna SWR:
1.5:1 VHF ***
1.2 UHF ***

Note: *** using MFJ-269 antenna analyzer.

The 95 AH battery placed on the charger on site over six months ago was fully charged. Tested for 30 seconds at 50 amps. Read 11.5 volts. Installed a second 95 AH battery & placed it on the Noco Genius G-3500 charger. The first battery was connected to the repeater as its backup battery (floating).

The repeater was configured at Mitch’s shop prior to transportation from Boynton site. Configuration included testing the voice unit for a message control. 2 meter control side antenna is a mag-mount placed on the top of the vent on the porta-potty at Boynton.