Goals & Objectives

2019 Goals & Objectives


• Target specific cities (TBD) with zip mailing
• Contact local newspapers for article support & publicity – utilize CARES PIO &
coordinate with D-1 PIO
• Set up materials, provide instruction & test for licensing classes for general
recruitment and served agency needs

Operational Training

• Develop mini-SETs for specific operational topic training with more field hands-on
• Establish & modify a yearly training schedule to be modified as required for
operational & organizational needs
• Identify instructors for specific technical topics & develop appropriate training aids
for each class

Fund Raising

• Appoint AEC to be in charge of this objective
• Identify specific needs in order to target donors
• Set up budget possibilities for CARES needs
• Ensure 501(c) 3 paperwork is completed on time

Better Equipment Utilization

• Get more people involved in HF use with appropriate antenna systems to include NVIS
Customize frequency list and import into radio memories

Prepare Staff for 2019

• Develop leadership skills
• Increase personnel management skills
• Learn to work with served agencies better
• Increase operational training
• Increase equipment availability & operational checks

Served Agency Support

• Increase involvement of AEC at city or subunit level
• Target cities for increased ARES involvement
• Continue to develop plan to assist served agencies in obtaining, installing, &
maintaining amateur radio equipment. Check on upgrade potential for those that have
installed equipment
• Assist in licensing agency personnel to reduce CARES manpower requirements &

Web Page

• Continue to upgrade and develop the CARES web page
• Check posted URL links on regular basis to ensure they continue to be valid and operational
• Develop a new section devoted to training topics, lesson plans, and operational
information that is needed by members
• Develop possibilities to have photos on web page of staff personnel, activities, and
real events….work with PIO on this issue