THIS PROJECT IS A PRODUCT OF MANY ‘ GO Bag’ LISTS– The ideas of this project have been brought together thru many resources. I have been gathering kit ideas for some time. Nothing on these posts are
original These lists are developed to give a starting point that the user can develop their own list if items from.

Things to consider…

First–You can not be of any help to anyone if you are not well prepared and in reasonable health. Be sure to have what you need to sustain yourself (food, water, medicine, etc.) so others will not have to take care of you.

Second– You need to have your equipment and supplies in readiness ahead of time at specific location. If there is an item that you need elsewhere that is part of your kit, place a note (easily seen) on the outside of the kit so you or another you can retrieve it. Keep an inventory inside the container itself.

Finally..Consider the containers you use for your supplies, can you carry them? Can you put wheels on them? A rolling case in the coat closet , is it waterproof or resistant? Is it clearly marked? Can you sit on it when it is empty?. Can you mount the equipment into it or on it? Should you build a shelf-like framework that fits inside the container? Would your antenna fit inside large PVC Pipe with removable end caps? Where is your Duct Tape? Do you have light to see at night? Can you provide battery power to others while not disabling your set-up? How do you plan to recharge your batteries? Do you carry some of your favorite candy, gum, healthbar, snack,etc. inside one of your equipment boxes in addition to your food supply? Do you have a plastic tarp to cover you and the equipment? Is your equipment and supplies marked with your name /call?
First will be a always carry kit for a ARES member, what do you have every time you walk the door.
And if you look at each ‘Kit’ they have pieces and parts of other kits, with the everyday carry being the foundation.

A word on Self-deployment

Self-deployment adds unnecessary stress to an already chaotic incident and drains allocated

resources. Self-deployed volunteers become part of the problem and not part of the solution.

We do not self-deploy.  There are no exceptions.

Soon , N0ZED