MESH-networking-connectathon: (indoors) — Q1 2020 training event for OCARES

Please mark your calendar !

All CARES members are invited to participate !

What: HAM MESH-networking-connectathon ( — indoors — )
Date: Saturday, 18th of Jan-2020
Time: 9am – Noon
Location: LDS church on Donovan in Oregon City — same location as our monthly CARES meeting.

Oregon City ARES (OCARES) will be having an INDOOR Field Test of HAM MESH equipment. While the emphasis on Winlink in a MESH environment — we will welcome other appropriate network connected devices,

— file servers
— Raspberry PI based services
— Web servers
— VoIP phone services
— other —

Please arrive at 8:30am to assist in setup of tables & chairs & other equipment.

What to bring:

— laptop equipped with RJ45 wired Ethernet and installed & up to date Winlink software & forms
— HAM MESH nodes and either battery / AC power operation (power cables/cords)

— optional HF/VHF radio equipment– what ever else you need

We will use several small “rooms” and the large room normally used for the CARES meeting indoors in the LDS church. We want one to several people per room. Initial activity will start off in the large class room/meeting room.


— Raspberry Pi: file services and web services
— Winlink message passing & local post office use (telnet post-office)
— cameras
— voice over IP phones
— etc.

This activity will serve well as an introduction to HAM MESH for new or inexperienced people.

I urge every to attend and participate equipped or not.

Required Activities:

— Winlink message passing via local post office use (telnet post-office) named “CARESSERVER” messages
to be addressed to KE7GXC.
— Report via Winlink the web site greeting message(s) noted — RPi based-web site.
— Work with a team to meet the above goals — learn !

Optional “Bonus points” activities:

— send “this is a test” Winlink message traffic via radio — to KE7GXC 🙂
— instruct other HAM’s regarding the technology

AEC’s please forward this announcement to your city group members.

If you have questions — contact me !

Steve Jensen – KE7GXC
Assistant Emergency Coordinator, Oregon City ARES (OCARES)
Secretary, Clackamas ARES (CARES) 501(c)(3)
office: 503 655 6667
cell: 503 267 1684