National Night Out 2017 goes on the air

Oregon City Police Department’s National Night Out was held at 1232 Linn Avenue, Mt. Pleasant school. Among the vendors and organizations participating, was the Oregon City sub unit of Clackamas Amateur Radio Emergency Services or OCARES.

OCARES members set up ham radio stations, using battery power and multiple solar charging systems. They demonstrated the ability to exchange voice, email, and image information between multiple stations. The email and image transmission was accomplished via a ham radio based WiFi system called MESH. The operation was complicated by temperatures nearing the century mark.

A number of NNO attendees stopped by the booth to get their passports stamped, and to inquire about what is involved in obtaining a ham radio license.

This demonstration was highly successful in representing CARES to and speaking with the public; displaying multi-mode communication and a “field test” of MESH capability and solar power systems.  Our members learned quite a lot — especially as each individual got to sort out some of the issues which always occur in stressful situations!

Clackamas Amateur Radio Emergency Services