NCS Assignments CARES


NCS Assignments for 3rd Quarter 2017

This is the projected schedule for Net Control Station (NCS) for the Sunday CARES net on 147.12 at 1900 hrs local time. This schedule will also coincide with the 2017 CARES Sunday Net Plan.

Any changes in this schedule will be approved by the EC after you schedule your own relief. Emergencies will be handled on an as need basis. Please fill in the secondary/backup information also….REQUIRED!

Each AEC shall submit names and calls for the primary and secondary operators by March 31st. The EC has the final say on who acts as NCS.

Sub-unit AEC’s shall operate one of the assigned NCS duty times themselves!

Each AEC should encourage their personnel to copy down the net information as if they were the NCS since this will give them experience and a better understanding of how it is done, the difficulties involved, and the confidence to do the duty at some point. Training and familiarity are key to being a good qualified NCS. Running a sub-unit net is a good way to get started on a slower and less hectic level and it is highly encouraged.

Each AEC shall act as the NCS during one of the unit’s scheduled duty assignments during this quarter.

Reminder: The CARES net is not a training net. The net is designed to distribute messages, bulletins, and other related information to CARES members, non-member stations in Clackamas Co, and other net participants. The net is primarily for ARES information but can be used for other related amateur radio topics.

Any questions concerning this schedule can be directed to the EC for clarification.

David M. Kidd, KA7OZO

Emergency Coordinator (ARES)

Clackamas County, Oregon

C: 503-320-3484