Important: Call to Action

Important News for Oregon Section Amateurs. The Oregon House Judiciary Committee has now passed House Bill 2597 to the floor without the Amateur Radio exemption that we sought. HB 2597 has now been passed to the Speaker’s desk where it has received it’s 2nd reading after being “carried over” three times. The third reading is

Our Next CARES meeting

The next CARES meeting will be: Thursday, 11 MAY , 2017 1830 – for CARES staff & AECs or designated representatives 1900 – regular membership meetingThis Month This Month training topic will DVMs, DMMs, VOMs, DVOM. Lets get metering !! We’ll be learning to measure voltage and current.   Meeting Location The LDS Church 14340 Donovan Rd

The GMO Pineapple SET UpDate

The GMO Pineapple SET UpDate The First statewide SET for OREGON ARES/RACES for 2017 Was on April 22nd, 2017    0900 – 1300 Update: Clackamas Co ARES participated in the Spring 2017 S.E.T. with 39 personnel activating the EOC ham facility and four field sites during the 4.5 hrs of operation that met all stated goals and

Recommended upgrade of Winlink

Recommended upgrade of Winlink Version 1.5.3  DOES seem to correct those nasty problems we all noted when there was not internet connected From Winlink Programs Group › Winlink Express version released post by W4PHS     May 4, 2017 Winlink Express version has been released.  You can get the update using the normal auto update procedure.

Boynton Standpipe Repeater

Time to re-visit CARES Boynton Standpipe Repeater in Oregon City. The Boynton Standpipe is a 2M water tank in hilltop Oregon City. This repeater is set up on 442.075 Mhz +5.0 Mhz offset and a decode / encode tone 103.5 Hz A view from the WEST, that thing is 162 feet tall The tall to the left is our’s the only VHF