RSV codes for SSTV transmissions

RSV code for SSTV transmissions

R – Readability  S – Strength  V – Video

1 Unreadable Faint signal, barely perceptible, Picture unreadable
2 Barely readable, Very Weak, picture barely visible
3 Readable with difficulty, Weak, Readable with flaws
4 Readable with no difficulty, Fair, Very good picture some flaws
5 Perfectly readable, Fairly Good, Perfect picture no flaws
6 Good
7 Moderately Strong
8 Strong
9 Very strong signals

Number R - ReadabilityS - StrengthV - Video
1UnreadableFaint signal, barely perceptible,Picture unreadable
2Barely readableVery Weakpicture barely visible
3Readable with difficultyWeakReadable with flaws
4Readable with no difficultyFairVery good picture some flaws
5Perfectly readable,Fairly Good,Perfect picture no flaws
6not usedGood,not used
7not usedModerately Strong,not used
8not usedStrongnot used,
9not used\Very strong signals,not used