Spring Set 2021


Oregon Section Spring SET 2021 – Back to Basics April 17, 2021 09:00-13:00

This SET is a back-to-basics KISS exercise with three Objectives:
Each county/team shall plan its own exercise scenario, locations to use, and served agency
involvement, if any. It will determine which bands to use, 70cm, 2m, 6m, and 10m bands are
encouraged, and what modes to use, FM Phone, SSB phone, and digital modes, in support of
the team’s plan.


While the main objective is to practice local deployment communications within your county to
support your plan, inter-county communications is highly encouraged. Each county shall
attempt to contact adjacent counties to see how effective ground-wave communications might


Reporting for the SET consists of three elements: Plan & Objectives, Logging, and Summary.
The goal for the Reporting objective is to demonstrate the teams planning, communication, and
evaluation skills while providing and objective metric for success. Further, it is intended to
document outcomes and lessons learned. The report should be in a narrative format and sent
to Mitch, W7MDB at w7mdb1@gmail.com as soon after the SET as practical, but no later than
April 30th. The report should be one to two pages.

Plan & Objectives

To meet the goals of this objective the team should summarize the units plan for the SET
including the Scope, Bands, Modes, and what goals and tasks the team would like to
accomplish. This should be done before the SET. A few paragraphs should be enough after the
SET to complete your report.
After the SET, the Logging and Summary should be appended to the Plan & Objectives.

Hard Facts

The SET is an exercise for use of 6m & 10m ground-wave. That is what needs to be planned for
and executed.
Any equipment, personal or served agency, can be used during this event. Even though each
county has 6m & 10m capability, there is nothing to say you can’t use personal equipment,
mobile or fixed, to meet the band requirements.
There will be a standard HF net using 40m and 80m on the normal state frequencies from 1000
to 1300 with primary monitoring on the hour and half hour.
Each EC needs to work up plans to include locations/sites, personnel deployment, equipment
availability and usage while maintaining Covid and normal safety protocols.
Band planning for 10m should be considered using some place between 28.3 and 28.5 to allow
Novice and Technicians use privileges. And a reminder, 6m is open to all class amateur license
classes which will not present a problem for this exercise.


The team does not need to report individual check-ins, what shall be reported is the number of
nets, member check-ins, spontaneous volunteer check-ins, and the neighboring counties that
contact was made with, along with notes on any agency participation. A paragraph or two
should be sufficient. Be concise, to the point but include all the necessary details.
The summary should be one or two paragraphs answering the main questions of the SET:
Were your goals/objectives reached?
What lessons were learned?
What areas are your goals for improvement in 2021?
A paragraph or two should be sufficient.