The GMO Pineapple SET UpDate

The GMO Pineapple SET UpDate

The First statewide SET for OREGON ARES/RACES for 2017

Was on April 22nd, 2017    0900 – 1300

Clackamas Co ARES participated in the Spring 2017 S.E.T. with 39 personnel activating the EOC ham facility and four field sites during the 4.5 hrs of operation that met all stated goals and objectives for the event. Winklink, MESH, SSTV, HF & UHF/VHF voice was used. The S.E.T. was a good learning experience for all that attended. We were supported by the duty person from the EM’s office. We also demonstrated and exercised a new piece of equipment, a drone. This element was highly successful and showed great potential for future operations.

Scenario:  Flooding necessitating shelter operations has occurred in Oregon. This SET simulates the third day of unusually intense precipitation driven by multiple atmospheric rivers causing massive flooding and mudslides statewide. Many roads and highways are closed, thousands have been displaced from homes and large parts of the region have been without power for 24 hours, although power is being restored on a priority basis.

Objectives: One of the goals of this drill is to emphasize ARES’s role in less-than-apocalyptic incidents. An equipped, trained, and responsive volunteer force is a valuable resource for any county emergency manager. Our AROs are more than walking radios, few regional EM agencies have the ability to coordinate and manage large amounts of message traffic, even without a regional communications systems outage. Our manpower and our training is what is truly valuable during an incident.  We will seek to demonstrate ECC and Field Operations from shelter locations

All SubUnits of Clackamas County ARES ( CARES )   fielded teams.