Turn Off Yaesu WiRES


Wide-coverage Internet Repeater Enhancement System (WIRES) is a standard created by Yaesu designed
to link compatible amateur radio repeaters over Voice over IP, allowing any home stations using those repeaters to communicate with each other over VoIP.

WIRES uses DTMF signaling to make a connection over the Internet from a repeater or home station to another WIRES-equipped station that is accessible over the Internet.
One BAD side effect is each time the radio is keyed it transmits a short DTMF tone that is annoying. most times WiRES is enabled in error.

So if you are hearing a tone burst each time you key , here is how you can disable on some Yaesu radios. If your radio is not listed , look up WiRES in your user guide !

On all of these  when it states to PRESS , do that with  a brief push and release , holding will turn on /off something else. BTW this is how it got turned on …..



VX-170 VX-172



VX-6 VX-7 VX-8




FT-2900   FT-7900

ft-7900 head

FT-8800 FT-8900

ft-8800 head

As we find more they will be added . If you have info on a unit not covered

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