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CARES Frequencies   
Clackamas Primary Repeater/EchoLink AC7QE-R

Clackamas Primary Repeater UHF444.225+5.100
Clackamas Secondary Repeater147.140+0.6107.2
Clackamas Tertiary Repeater (W7OTV)440.250
Clackamas Primary simplex146.415--
Highland Butte CARES repeaterConstruction Permit441.900+5.103.5
CARES 220 repeater Highland Butte Construction Permit
224.180 -1.6103.5
Clackamas Co WinLink EOC KD7ZDO-10145.570
Clackamas Co. KD7ZDO-11 WinLinkWinlink P2P145.520 --
North CountyPrimary North :simplex147.500
 Milwaukie :simplex146.450
 Gladstone :simplex146.460
East County ECOPrimary East :simplex146.540
Repeater Goat Mtn 146.960 -0.6127.3
 Sandy Simplex146.490
Sandy Repeater KJ7IY145.430-.6107.2
 Damascus :simplex146.430 
Lake Oswego Simplex146.500 --
Lake OswegoRepeater w/EchoLink444.300+5.82.3
West CountyPrimary West Simplex147.510
 Wilsonville Simplex146.420
 West Linn Simplex146.440
SoCo South CountyRepeater146.920-0.6107.2
Simplex Simplex146.580 --
Oregon City Simplex146.560 --
Oregon City Repeater442.075+5103.5
National VHF Simplex146.520--
National UHF Simplex446.000--
SSTV Simplex RPTRS 145.600mhz  
Allen Kerr N7YAF1000hz
Steve Jensen KE7GXC 1750hz
Willamette View Manor KE7OIM2100hz **
Clackamas County EOC KD7ZDO2300hz
Local Nets NameFrequency MHzOffset MHzTone hzDayTimeNote/county
CARES Clackamas County147.120.6100Sunday1900CARES Net
Oregon City ARES146.56SimplexNoneSunday1935Simplex Net
Oregon City ARES442.0755103.5Sunday1945Repeater Net
Lake Oswego ARES444.3582.5Sunday1930
EastCounty146.54 Simplex Sunday1935
West County147.51SimplexSunday1930
LO LDS442.0755103.5Sunday2000
OC LDS442.0755103.5Sunday2015
CASCADE AMATEUR RADIO SOCIETY (CARS) 146.700 - 0.6100.0Sunday2100
Beaverton CERT Net147.380.6100Monday1800Washington Co.
Clatsop Co ARES146.66-0.6118Monday1900Clatsop Co.
Clatsop Co ARES447.7755118Monday1900Clatsop Co.
Columbia Co ARES146.88-0.6114.8Tuesday1900Columbia Co.
Columbia Co ARES147.47SimplexnoneTuesday1900Columbia Co.
District 1 ARES Net147.32+0.6100Daily1930Oregon District 1
District 4 ARES Net146.78-0.6NoneTuesday1900Oregon District4
NW Oregon Skywarn147.320.6100Wednesday2005
Multnomah County ARES/RACES146.84-0.6NoneWednesday1900Multnomah Co.
Washington Co ARES146.9-0.6NoneTuesday1900Washington Co.
HF Digital Net28.11Friday2000PSK 31 to start with
Northwest Oregon Traffic & Training Net145.27-0.6107.2Daily1800
Northwest Oregon Traffic & Training Net145.47-0.6107Daily1800
Northwest Oregon Traffic & Training Net145.23-0.6NoneDaily1800
Oregon ARES HF Training Net3.964First and third Tuesdays1730