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This table shows ONLY  VHF and UHF FREQUENCIES

ICS-217A   Clackamas County ARES   
ChannelAliasRX FreqTX FreqOffsetModeTX ToneRX Tone
1CLAC 1147.12147.720.6FM100CLAC ARES RPTR Clackamas Primary Repeater [OEM Monitored]
2CLAC 2147.14147.740.6FM107.2CLAC ARES RPTR Clackamas Secondary Repeater
3CLAC 3146.42146.42FMCLAC ARES SIMP Clackamas Primary Simplex
4CLAC 4146.96146.36-0.6FM127.3CLAC ARES RPTR Clackamas Tertiary Repeater (W7OTV)
5CLAC 5444.225449.2255FM100CLAC ARES RPTR Clackamas Secondary Repeater--Mt. Hood--K7RPT
6CLAC 6440.25445.255FM127.3127.3CLAC ARES RPTR Clackamas Tertiary Repeater (W7OTV)
7CLAC 7441.9446.95FM103.5103.5CLAC ARES RPTR Repeater Highland Butte
8CLAD 1440.9875440.9875FMCLAC ARES WinLink RMS Gateway 1
9CLAD 2441.0375441.0375FMCLAC ARES WinLink RMS Gateway 2
10CLAD 3441.0625441.0625FMCLAC ARES WinLink RMS Gateway 3
11CLAD 4441.525441.525FMCLAC ARES WinLink RMS Gateway 4
12CLAD 5145.77145.77FMCLAC ARES DIGT--Winlink RMS Packet
13CLAD 6145.57145.57FMCLAC ARES DIGT--RMS- GTWY KD7ZDO-10 packet gateway / Clackamas Co. EOC:
14CLAD 7145.52145.52FMCLAC ARES DIGT--Clackamas Co. KD7ZDO-5 WinLink P to P
15CFD1 1147.42147.42FMCLAC CERT SIMP - CERT CFD 1
16CFD1 2431.85431.85FMCLAC CERT SIMP CFD 1 CERT Secondary
17CLOG 1431.825431.825FMCLAC ARES SIMP_ CARES Logistics 1
18CLOG 2431.875431.875FMCLAC ARES SIMP_ CARES Logistics 2
20EAST 1146.54146.54FMCLAC EAST SIMP Clackamas East County ARES Simplex
21EAST 3145.71145.71FMCLAC EAST DIGT CC East Digital/Tertiary
22EVENT1440.275445.2755FM103.5103.5CLAC ARES Portable Event Repeater
24LO 1444.3449.35FM82.582.5CLAC LO--1R--RPTR Lake Oswego ARES Primary Primary (Echolink enabled)
25LO 1S444.3444.3FM82.5CLAC LO--1S--Simplex (on repeater output channel)
26LO 2146.5146.5FMCLAC LO--2--SIMP Lake Oswego ARES Simplex Secondary
27LO 3145.65145.65FMCLAC LO--3--DIGT Digital/Tertiary
28LO 4431.9431.9FMCLAC LO--4--SIMP_ Lake Oswego Logistics
30MOLA 1440.7445.75FM7777CLAC CERT SIMP Molalla Fire CERT
31NOCO 1147.5147.5FMCLAC NORT SIMP Clackamas North County ARES Simplex
32NOCO 3145.67145.67FMCLAC NORT DIGT CC North Digital/Tertiary
33OC 1442.075447.0755FM103.5CLAC OC-- RPTR Oregon City ARES Repeater
34OC 2146.56146.56FMCLAC OC-- SIMP Oregon City ARES Simplex
35OC 3145.63145.63FMCLAC OC-- DIGT Digital/Tertiary
36OC 4431.925431.925FMCLAC OC-- SIMP_ Logistics
37SAND 1145.43144.83-0.6FM107.2CLAC SOUT RPTR Sandy Repeater KJ7IY
38SAND 2146.49146.49FMCLAC SOUT SIMP Sandy Simplex
39SOCO 1146.92146.32-0.6FM107.2CLAC SOUT RPTR Clackamas South County ARES Repeater
40SOCO 2146.58146.58FMCLAC SOUT SIMP Clackamas South County ARES Simplex
41SOCO 3145.69145.69FMCLAC SOUT DIGT CC South Digital/Tertiary
42WEST 1147.51147.51FMCLAC WEST SIMP Clackamas West County ARES Simplex
43WEST 3145.73145.73FMCLAC WEST DIGT CC West Digital/Tertiary
44WILS 1146.46146.46FMCLAC SOUT SIMP Wilsonville Simplex
45WLIN 1146.44146.44FMCLAC WEST SIMP West Linn Simplex
46NUCALL 446446FMNational UHF Calling Simplex Frequency
47NVCALL 146.52146.52FMNational VHF Calling Simplex Frequency
48D1-1147.32147.920.6FM100D-1 Primary Net Repeater [OEM Monitored]
49D1-2146.84146.24-0.6FM--D-1 Secondary / Multnomah Co. ARES Primary Repeater
50OEM 1145.33144.73-0.6FM186.2OEM Oregon Emergency Management (Salem)
51RED C1146.98146.38-0.6FMD023Red Cross Repeater (Portland)
52RED CR147.42FMRed Cross Simplex
53HRT 1145.23144.63-0.6FMHEART Net Primary Repeater
54HRT 2442.7447.75FM100HEART Net Secondary Repeater
55HRT 3146.6FMHEART Simplex
56OEM 2147.02147.620.6FM186.2Oregon Emergency Management (OEM Salem)
57OEM 3144.99FMRMS Winlink Packet W7ODN-10 / OEM EOC:
58INTEL1145.52FMIntel Emergency Amateur Radio Service (IEARS)
61CLAC 8442.975447.9755FM103.5CLAC ARES RPTR Repeater Crutcher Bench
62WILS 2444.4449.45FM100CLAC SOUTH Wilsonville Repeater
63CLSS145.6145.6FMCLAC ARES Slow Scan TV Channel
64LO 5147.46147.46FMLO LDS Stake Comm
65LO 6432.625432.625FMLO LDS Stake Comm
SSTV Simplex RPTRS 145.600mhz  
Allen Kerr N7YAF1000hz
Steve Jensen KE7GXC 1750hz
Willamette View Manor KE7OIM2100hz **
Clackamas County EOC KD7ZDO2300hz
Local Nets NameFrequency MHzOffset MHzTone hzDayTimeNote/county
CARES Clackamas County147.120.6100Sunday1900CARES Net
Oregon City ARES146.56SimplexNoneSunday1935Simplex Net
Oregon City ARES442.0755103.5Sunday1945Repeater Net
Lake Oswego ARES444.3582.5Sunday1930
EastCounty146.54 Simplex Sunday1935
West County147.51SimplexSunday1930
LO LDS442.0755103.5Sunday2000
OC LDS442.0755103.5Sunday2015
CASCADE AMATEUR RADIO SOCIETY (CARS) 146.700 - 0.6100.0Sunday2100
Beaverton CERT Net147.380.6100Monday1800Washington Co.
Clatsop Co ARES146.66-0.6118Monday1900Clatsop Co.
Clatsop Co ARES447.7755118Monday1900Clatsop Co.
Columbia Co ARES146.88-0.6114.8Tuesday1900Columbia Co.
Columbia Co ARES147.47SimplexnoneTuesday1900Columbia Co.
District 1 ARES Net147.32+0.6100Daily1930Oregon District 1
District 4 ARES Net146.78-0.6NoneTuesday1900Oregon District4
NW Oregon Skywarn147.320.6100Wednesday2005
Multnomah County ARES/RACES146.84-0.6NoneWednesday1900Multnomah Co.
Washington Co ARES146.9-0.6NoneTuesday1900Washington Co.
HF Digital Net28.11Friday2000PSK 31 to start with
Northwest Oregon Traffic & Training Net145.27-0.6107.2Daily1800
Northwest Oregon Traffic & Training Net145.47-0.6107Daily1800
Northwest Oregon Traffic & Training Net145.23-0.6NoneDaily1800
Oregon ARES HF Training Net3.964First and third Tuesdays1730