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CARES Frequencies   
Clackamas Primary Repeater/EchoLink AC7QE-R

Clackamas Primary Repeater UHF444.225+5.100
Clackamas Secondary Repeater147.140+0.6107.2
Clackamas Primary simplex146.415--
Clackamas Tertiary Repeater (W7OTV)146.960-0.6127.3
CARES 220 repeaterConstruction Permit
Testing Phase
224.180 -1.6103.5
Clackamas Co WinLink EOC KA7ZDO-10145.570
Clackamas Co.Packet EOC145.770--
SoCo South CountyRepeater146.920-0.6107.2
Simplex146.580 --
North CountyPrimary North147.500 
East CountyPrimary East146.540 
West CountyPrimary West147.510 
 West Linn146.440 
Oregon City ARES Repeater442.075+5103.5
Oregon City ARES Simplex146.560 --
Lake Oswego ARES Simplex146.500 --
Lake Oswego ARES Repeater w/EchoLink444.300+5.82.3
National VHF Simplex146.520--
National UHF Simplex446.000--
SSTV Simplex RPTRS 145.600mhz  
Allen Kerr N7YAF1000hz
Randy Bradbury KD7BRN 1477hz **
Steve Jensen KE7GXC 1750hz
Willamette View Manor KE7OIM2100hz **
Clackamas County EOC KD7ZDO2300hz
Local Nets NameFrequency MHzOffset MHzTone hzDayTimeNote/county
CARES Clackamas County147.120.6100Sunday1900CARES Net
Oregon City ARES/RACES Net146.56SimplexNoneSunday1935Simplex Net
Oregon City ARES/RACES Net442.0755103.5Sunday1945Repeater Net
Lake Oswego ARES444.3582.5Sunday1930
West County147.51SimplexSunday1930
LO LDS442.0755103.5Sunday2000
OC LDS442.0755103.5Sunday2015
Beaverton CERT Net147.380.6100Monday1800Washington Co.
Clatsop Co ARES146.66-0.6118Monday1900Clatsop Co.
Clatsop Co ARES447.7755118Monday1900Clatsop Co.
Columbia Co ARES146.88-0.6114.8Tuesday1900Columbia Co.
Columbia Co ARES147.47SimplexnoneTuesday1900Columbia Co.
District 1 ARES Net147.32-0.6100Daily1930Oregon District 1
District 4 ARES Net146.78-0.6NoneTuesday1900Oregon District4
NW Oregon Skywarn147.320.6100Wednesday2005
Multnomah County ARES/RACES146.84-0.6NoneWednesday1900Multnomah Co.
Washington Co ARES146.9-0.6NoneTuesday1900Washington Co.
HF Digital Net28.11Friday2000PSK 31 to start with
Northwest Oregon Traffic & Training Net145.27-0.6107.2Daily1800
Northwest Oregon Traffic & Training Net145.47-0.6107Daily1800
Northwest Oregon Traffic & Training Net145.23-0.6NoneDaily1800
Oregon ARES HF Training Net3.964First and third Tuesdays1730